Equipment Rental in Grant County, OR

Need a specific piece of outdoor equipment, but aren’t ready to make the investment in owning it? No problem! JD Outdoor & Power Equipment offers equipment rental in Grant County, OR, spanning a wide range of products you might require. Our rentals are affordably priced, enabling you to work efficiently without cutting into your bottom line.

  • Why Rent Power Equipment?

    There are many advantages to renting equipment instead of buying—not least, lower costs. Take a look at just a few more of the reasons you might choose to rent instead of buying:

    • No maintenance requirements
    • Rent as-needed to keep costs low
    • Try before you buy
    • Use for specific, one-time jobs

    Renting can keep your overhead low and enable you to get a feel for equipment before you make a full investment. It’s a smart consideration before taking the leap into a purchase!

Great Rental Rates

JD Outdoor & Power Equipment works closely with many individuals and businesses to provide equipment rentals—including lawn mower rental in Grant County, OR. We’re able to keep costs low and our equipment in great condition, making rental equipment a viable option for anyone who requires it. Stop in and speak to our staff about the type of equipment you need and the length of time you need it, and we’ll make sure you get a rate and terms that work for you.

Equipment We Rent

Our diverse range of rental equipment options has something for everyone, no matter the job. Turn to us for any of the following products:

We promise you’ll get equipment that’s safe, reliable and maintained to the highest caliber. Plus, with a slew of trusted name brands in our inventory, you’ll also get the results you expect from a trusted manufacturer’s tools.

To inquire about rental terms and rates, or to learn more about the equipment we have to rent, please stop in today or give us a call at 541-575-1156.